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SEMPAC's Open-Pak™ technology, trademarked for its exclusive design features for air cavity package, is the ideal solution for quick turn assembly, customer samples, integrated circuit die qualifications, device prototyping and production requirements. With the largest stock selection of off-the-shelf packages in the industry. Our Open-Pak™ design and manufacturing technology responds to the challenges in demands for today’s assembly environment. SEMPAC provides solutions for package development support in Avionics, High Frequency RF, Optoelectronic, MEMS, Sensor and Military applications.

The notable key advantages for utilizing SEMPAC's “air-cavity” packages, is the improved performance when compared to transfer-over-molded or ceramic equivalent packages. All of the materials used in our manufacturing processes are RoHS and REACH compliant, utilizing “green” molding compounds. Our Open-Pak™ Au/Ni plated packages offer superior bondability and meets JEDEC footprint standards.

SEMPAC offers a full range of matching lids in ceramic, plastic, glass or quartz with or without a b-stage adhesive preform. All of our lid products are fully RoHS and REACH compliant.

Our Open-Cavity QFN, QFP & SOIC packages can be customized for specific applications. Custom, lead counts (I/O), lead pitches, multiple die pads, or other specialized features can be added to all of our Open-Pak packages.





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