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Applications & Solutions

SEMPAC's “Open-Pak”™ technology, trademarked for its exclusive design features on the air cavity package, is the ideal solution for quick turn assembly, customer samples, integrated circuit die qualifications, device prototyping and small lot engineering and/or assembly build requirements.

Our “Open-Pak”™ design and manufacturing technology responds to the challenges in demands for today’s assembly environment by providing solutions for package development support in the Optoelectronic, Telecom, RF, MEMS and Sensor applications.

The notable key advantages for utilizing SEMPAC's “air-cavity” packages can be witnessed in the quick turn, cost effective alternative to high priced ceramic versions and superior and/or equal performance to transfer-molded packages.

If you are looking to accelerate the process of introducing new products such as cell phones, PDA’s and digital camera’s, to name but a few, to the market faster then our solutions for packages are tailored fit for these applications.





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