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Test Sockets Soon To Be Available

Sempac is currently working with a Switzerland based socket manufacturer, E-tec, and will soon be announcing the availability to have sockets available for purchase with our line of Open-Pakô air-cavity packages.

E-Tec has 30 years experience in connector manufacturing and offers the industry products ranging from BGA Sockets & Adapters to QFN/MLF/ MLP sockets to name but a few. SEMPAC engineering is looking to design a standard socket that will be used internally to test our own packages as well as being offered to our customers. Although we will not be carrying a full line of diverse socket designs, any special applications that require customization will afford our customer a reliable source for their requirements.

SEMPACís business model has been one of being able to supply the industry the best possible solution in package technology and now a means for providing a solution for package testing. For further information on E-tec please visit:





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