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Cutting Packaging Costs for Custom ASICs
EDA Solutions

September 15, 2006 - Mosis announces a strategic agreement with Sempac that will enable the company to offer a low-cost alternative to ceramic packages for VLSI circuits

The deal will give customers who use the Mosis multi-project wafer (MPW) service access to QFN/MLP, QFP and SOIC/SSP packages from Sempac's Open-Pak product line. These pre-molded, air cavity packages meet the latest JEDEC outline and footprint standards. This means that devices can be designed for high volume production with streamlined testing to further reduce costs. Open-Pak packages are made from semiconductor-grade plastics. They have copper lead frames that are gold plated to military standards. As a result, the packages are mechanically stable with similar electrical characteristics to fully encapsulated, molded types.

The Mosis MPW service allows multiple products to be fabricated on each mask set and silicon wafer; cost sharing is based on the physical area used by each design. Both integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and fabless semiconductor companies use MPW services to dramatically reduce chip development costs when they need a few tens of samples for evaluation. However, the service is equally cost-effective for low volume production, typically up to 1000 pieces of each device. When device evaluation is complete, migration to a dedicated wafer run for high volume production is easily realized. Sempac packaging is available now and the Mosis service is exclusively available in Europe through EDA Solutions Ltd.





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